Chief Financial Officer


Director and Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Tam was appointed as a Director of the Company on September 11, 2023.

Mr. Lih Ming Tam is Director (Operations) and Chief Financial Officer at Green Light Innovation Partners Inc. Operating for over 25 years, Green Light is a professional services company that is built upon a core group of successful entrepreneurs who are well known in their industries for innovating, funding and growing their own businesses. By leveraging its knowledge and knowhow over the years, Green Light has successfully worked with companies of all sizes (including startups), private investors, public ventures, venture capital, business exits and various types of joint ventures - building upon its performance excellence and the trust it gains from relationships with customers.

Green Light helps clients bridge gaps and bottlenecks when trying to achieve business goals. Green Light has assisted its clients to raise over $65 M (Canadian) in financing over the last 10 years. Its business services team has developed suites of hosted technologies services which are easy to implement at any growth stage.

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