Chronic and acute inflammation and poor immune function are at the core of many diseases. Cava is addressing this unmet healthcare challenge through isolation and characterization of novel medically useful compounds from plants, development and validation of novel biomarkers for disease, and application of cutting-edge technologies to reverse inflammation and restore immune function to achieve optimal health.

CAVA is focused on enhancing optimal health by predicting, preventing and alleviating diseases.

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Intellectual Property

The Company owns, and continues to add to, a portfolio of medical patents, including its leading research in Alzheimer’s Disease. The Company derives income from sale, licensing and royalties on these patents. The Company continues to file further patents and extend the coverage for its existing ones.

Research Areas

The Company currently undertakes research in the areas of:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • The Blood Brain Barrier
  • Tumour Immunology and Cancer Immunotherapy
  • Inflammation
  • Depression
  • Biomarkers and Diagnostics


Patents and Patent Applications

In July 2019, Cava Healthcare Inc. announced Agreement with multiple inventors to acquire a portfolio of five families of patents and patent applications, filed worldwide, relating to new therapies and biomarkers for disease. The inventors include Prof. Raymond Andersen and Prof. Wilfred Jefferies of the University of British Columbia (Vancouver) and Prof. Dara Dickstein of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (Washington, DC). The Company went on to acquire 100% of the legal and beneficial interest in the portfolio.

The Patent Families

  1. A Novel Approach to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease: Current therapies for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease focussed on targeting amyloid beta and tau proteins have been unsuccessful in clinical trials. As such, new drug targets and novel approaches are necessary. This intellectual property describes the invention of a novel therapeutic approach for treating Alzheimer’s disease through novel use of an existing anti-cancer drug. It has been validated in preclinical animal models of Alzheimer’s disease. This work was published in The Lancet in September 2021, and the Company is seeking to take it forward into clinical trials.

  2. A New Biomarker for Diagnosing Cancer: This biomarker technology has completed two clinical trials in cancer patients that demonstrate it has the potential to be used as a cancer diagnostic and predictor for cancer outcome.

  3. Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor (HDACi) for use in the Treatment of Cancer: HDACi alters epigenetic programs in cancer cells and may be utilized to reduce cancer growth by enhancing the immune response against tumours.

  4. Natural Compounds that Increase Immune Responses Against Cancer: Natural products and their improved synthetic analogs, that are biosimilar to cannabinoids, may be used to harness the power of the immune system to recognize and destroy cancers.

  5. A Method to Reduce Inflammation in Chronic and Acute disease: The technology describes a novel immune regulator that is a missing link between inflammation and resolution of inflammation in sepsis, and allows for two potential treatments for sepsis: a biological molecule and a repurposing of an existing drug. The Company has since entered into a Sale Agreement for the immune regulator technology with Mynd Life Sciences Inc. (CSE:MYND, OTC:MYNDF)

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Natural Products

The Company continues to research and develop compounds derived from plants, fungi and other natural sources which may prove to be of medicinal use. Common pharmaceuticals can sometimes be replaced by natural products that function in the same way, but which are more readily tolerated by the body and/or have fewer side effects, e.g., replacing opioids for relief of chronic pain. Synthetic and biosimilar compounds can be created based on those found in nature. These can be designed to simplify trials (by considering only a single optical isomer), increase potency and/or increase bioavailability.

Drug Discovery

Cava's path to new drug discovery begins with creating extracts and isolates from high quality plant sources and other biomasses of known origin. After analysis in our laboratories, the materials are further characterized using highly sensitive and selective analytical methods such as liquid chromatography - mass spectrometry (LC-MS) and tandem mass spectrometry (MS-MS). Compounds are screened for pharmacological activity (e.g., against target diseases). The most promising candidate compounds from screening are then forwarded for more detailed evaluation including, where appropriate, clinical trials.

Extraction Technology

Cava research scientists produce extracts and isolates in-house using state-of-the-art separation techniques. The approaches include proprietary methods and equipment developed and owned by the Company. The Company continues to innovate in methods for purifying promising extracts into isolates, and will apply for patent protection as needed. The Company has the capability to chemically modify extracts and isolates to create further new compounds.

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